Grape Harvester Parts:​    

  • Bearings and seals
  • Pulleys
  • Bow rods
  • Picking rails
  • Evolution picking head manifold 
  • Hydraulic hose assemblies & fittings
  • Evolution trunk shaker picking heads
  • Evolution bow rod head attachments
  • Custom built gondolas
  • Rubber wedge mounts
  • Conveyor belting and lacing
  • Angel wing brackets
  • "C"-arms
  • Buckets 
  • Chains
  • Steel


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Located at: 17840 North Bruella Road Lodi, CA 95240​



​         Brad (209) 810-5796

          Marti (209)327-0302


To see demos check out Pellenc items on  YouTube ​!



INNOVATION AND MECHANIZATION are pressing issues raising concerns in the Agriculture sector. Finding cost effective and proficient solutions are essential for the longevity of farming lifestyles. With the concern of increase of labor, producers/growers are

getting creative with problem solving. Technology is greatly influencing development for these demanding issues in the Agriculture community. 

Why Pellenc?

Pellenc is leading the pack when it comes to fusing profitable, and proficient products. Their products are impressive and inventive. Not only do they strive to be the most accomplished but do so while being sustainable -limiting the environmental impacts. Their line incorporates "green"  technology designed to have low impact on the environment from the outset.  

Drought is serious, and many of us felt the impact of it. Pellenc equipment obtains a minimized consumption of water and natural resources. The configuration of the harvesting heads and sorting system creates HALF the cleaning time of other equipment on the market. 

A company that is out for the greater good is a company we can stand behind. Pellenc and Evolution Equipment seek for what is best for our consumer and the surrounding environment.  

Our Services:

  • ​​Grape harvester diagnostics & repair
  • Grape harvester updates & retrofits 
  • Engine repowers
  • Equipment pre-seasoning 
  • Tractor diagnostics & repair
  • Specialized equipment repair 
  • Custom equipment fabrication and modifications
  • General service-all types of equipment
  • Hydraulic component diagnostics & repair
  • Electrical systems diagnostics and repair
  • Stainless steel fabrication 
  • Personalized hands on equipment set-up (in field)