Innovative      Responsive      Reliable​​

The natural progress of Brad's experience and passion led him to establish Evolution Equipment Services Inc. with the intent of offering local growers and companies a desirable option for top notch service, repair and innovations.

Brad Believes...

"Down is not an option! . . .

When you have an impacted harvest season or when huge crews and tons of perishable material are on the line waiting for things to be fixed, the pressure is on to show what you know and what you can do."


In 2001, Brad became part owner of a job shop in Lodi that specialized in servicing local grower's equipment. His business was responsible for performing service, repair and customized modifications. This led to productive collaborations with his customers to increase the productivity and reliability of their equipment. This included updated hydraulic systems, fully enclosed conveyor systems, specialized picking head attachments, operator amenities like auto control function and push button operations. These experiences eventually spawned a successful design for a state of the art grape harvester.

Never one to miss an opportunity to add to his knowledge and experience, Brad widened his scope to include the repair, maintenance and modifications of heavy construction machinery and equipment. He was one of the key journeyman mechanics his company would turn to for the largest and most important projects. 

Brad Sporleder - Founder

Vineyard equipment has always been a part of Brad's life. Growing up on a thousand acre vineyard he learned at an early age the value and importance of maintaining equipment. By the time Brad was 14, he was operating most of the equipment by himself. While in high school, Brad took the responsibility of repairing and maintaining what grew to be a substantial fleet of farm vehicles and specialized equipment.

"I loved figuring how things worked and how to make them work better. Working with my dad taught me the importance of keeping all of our equipment in service"

The Sporleder family has a long history of working hard with strong values in all that they do. When Brad had the opportunity to further his experience and education, he applied his passion and energy to develop a complete understanding of hydraulics, electrical, welding and industrial technology.